Faze Stream 700

Faze Stream 700
The Eliminator Lighting Faze Stream 700 is a great Hazer that delivers that subtle haze effect quickly to your venue and adds the final touch to your light show without creating that distracting cloud of fog like a conventional fog machine. Creating an even blanket of haze has never been so easy until now and with the included timer remote you will be able to set duration, time intervals or continuously leave it on for the duration of your event.
The Faze Stream 700 Features:
• Carrying handle
• 5 minute warm up time
• 2 liter fog juice reservoir
• Powerful 650 watt heater
• Uses water based fog juice
• Timer remote with led indicator lights
• Displaces 1,500 cubic ft. of haze per minute.
• Dimensions: 19.5” x 8.75” x 7.75” in.
• Weight: 16 lb.

 Specifications subject to change
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