Eliminator Lighting offers Real Value in DJ & Club Lighting!

Our products include: Special Effects Lighting, Club Lights, Disco Lights, DJ Lights, Intelligent Lighting, Intelligent Lighting Controllers, Fog Machines, Black Lights, Strobe Lights, Par Cans, Pinspots, Scanners, Color Changers, Clamps and even Replacement Bulbs for DJ Lights.

Eliminator Lighting has perfected the manufacturing process to bring you truly affordable DJ Lighting. These affordable DJ effects can be purchased from a wide variety of dealers throughout the US.


Turbo Fog 1000
The Turbo Fog 1000 from Eliminator Lighting will enhance your lighting setup to a whole new level and its the ideal companion...;

LED Raider
The LED Raider from Eliminator Lighting is a bright and easy to use plug and play RGBW LED lighting fixture. The LED Raider is...;

Katana LED
The Katana LED from Eliminator Lighting is a compact & lightweight derby fixture powered by 4x 3W RGBW LEDs (1x Red, 1x Green,...;

The Eliminator Lighting TRiDiSC 9 IR delivers a high-powered output wash with rich high color saturation for any occasion. Powered...;

Aqua LED
The Aqua LED from Eliminator Lighting offers a bright simulating water effect powered by a 10W LED light source. The Aqua LED...;

Gyro LED
The Gyro Scan LED from Eliminator Lighting is high intensity DMX LED scanner powered by a 25W bright white LED. Compact in size...;

LED Array
Based from the popular E-144 Piranha from Eliminator Lighting we now introduce you with the LED Array. Keeping up with tradition...;

LED Cloud
The LED Cloud from Eliminator Lighting is a powerful high output DMX fixture powered by 5x RGBWA LEDs rated @ 3W each. With its...;

LED Fury
The LED Fury from Eliminator Lighting offers a classic effect that has been around in the lighting business since the beginning....;

LED Mushroom
The LED Mushroom from Eliminator Lighting is bringing back the classic mushroom Effect with a brighter and more efficient LED...;

Motion 60 LED
The Motion 60 LED from Eliminator Lighting is a compact yet versatile LED moving head powered by 1x 60W white LED. Being compact...;
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